Beautiful Reasons To Fall In Love With Flowers

+ 3 ways to preserve flowers

5 min read

My Lola (grandmother) and I prepared tropical and spirited flower bouquet assortments on all Souls Day to honor our deceased family members.

She cut thick green stems of mighty and blood red anthuriums as she carefully placed them into the wet green foam. Next to the alluring anthuriums were a different beauty: the most subtle, pure, and virtuous flower of Baby’s Breath (gypsophila) filled the space like beautiful angels.

Our preservation of memories are acts of love. Preserving flowers symbolize memories of our loved ones.

Here are the 3 best ways to preserve flowers:

1. Dry Hang Flowers

How to dry hang your flowers?

  1. Bundle about 5 stems together.
  2. Tie them with a rubber band, cotton string, or embroidery thread.
  3. Hang them from a high place that is dark yet airy to prevent discoloration from light
  4. Wait about a week to dry

After a week, you can use the preserved flowers as decoration by displaying them in glass bottles.

2. Book Press Flowers

How to book press your fauna?

  1. grab a book or sketchbook
  2. arrange flowers between pages
  3. close book and put heavy books on top
  4. Wait 1 week and don’t touch

After waiting a week, the flowers should be flat and dry ready for your next art project.

You can put book pressed flowers in collages and bullet journals or even as decoration in your room.

3. Flower Bottles and Herbariums

How to display flowers in bottles?

1. Petal bottle:

photo taken by Bianca Soriano
  1. leave petals to dry
  2. and after a few days, put them in a small bottle

You use small glass vials or any clear container.

The bottled flowers can be given away as gifts or souvenirs at parties or events.

Pro tip: add a tag or thin ribbon around the neck of the bottle.

2. Herbarium:

Herbariums are the same as flower bottles but with filled with oil.

  1. arrange a small bottle with assorted flowers and foliage
  2. Fill with herbarium oil (mineral/baby oil)
  3. Seal with cork or top

You can even put scented herbs like rosemary and lavender to use as essential oils.

These herbarium bottles can be used as gifts and decoration for your home.

Pro-tip: Use your favorite pressed flowers as decoration in your art or bullet journal.


What’s your favorite flower?

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