How to Learn Medical Spanish for Free

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Here are 3 hidden gems to help you learn basic conversational medical Spanish for free.

Perfect for beginners, this is a great way to start learning medical Spanish with no added cost to you.

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1. Language Tailor

The language tailor has 76 videos that are all less than 5 minutes.

Enjoy a lesson everyday and be sure to take notes in a notebook to track your phrases.

His fast and informative videos are found on YouTube under languagetailor1

I was really impressed by the simplicity and amount of phrases I learned through his videos in a short period of time.

This channel is perfect for people who are not yet confident in their Spanish skills and do not want to invest yet in an expensive medical Spanish course.

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2. Common Ground International

This is another perfect YouTube channel for beginner Spanish learners.

The host, Rory, speaks both English and Spanish. He is very passionate about you beginning your medical Spanish journey.

Rory’s videos help you to build sentences, learn vocabulary, and hear proper word pronunciation.

His videos average about 15-20 minutes and are perfect if you want to level up your skills from the Language Tailor’s awesome videos.

Common Ground International even offers services to help students and businesses be more proficient in Spanish in the workforce.

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3. SpanishDict app

The SpanishDict app is by far the most useful Spanish app for beginner medical professionals learning Spanish.

If you forgot how to say a word or are struggling with pronunciation, this app is a lifesaver.

Just type in a word or sentence in English or Spanish and it will automatically translate it for you.

You can even hold down the voice button and say a phrase in Spanish or English and it will automatically translate it for you.

Another stellar thing about this app is its correct grammar and accuracy compared to Google Translate.

It can even be utilized for pretend conversations with a patient.

Think of some phrases you usually say at work and translate them to Spanish through the SpanishDict app.

The next time you see a coworker or patient, you can show off some cool phrases you learned in Spanish.

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How to Learn Medical Spanish for Free?

1. Language Tailor

2. Common Ground International

3. SpanishDict app

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Do you recommend any medical Spanish resources for health professionals?

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