Best YouTube Channels that Teach You Anatomy

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If you are a Pre-med student studying Anatomy, I highly recommend you check out these YouTube channels to maximize your understanding.

Pro tip: Learn Anatomy and Physiology from a wide variety of resources in order to hear people explain the concepts in different ways.

Here are helpful YouTube channels to watch when studying for Anatomy and Physiology:

1. Dr. Matt and Dr. Mike

Dr. Mike and Dr. Matt’s YouTube channel has helped me the most in learning Anatomy in college.

They are passionate Anatomy lecturers in Griffith University, Australia who have put up their videos to help students learn Anatomy on YouTube.

Dr. Mike explains simplifies difficult concepts and explains them exceptionally well.

He even draws simplified diagrams to help you understand the information.

They even have a Medical Anatomy podcast that ranked in the top 10.

Dr. Matt and Dr. Mike’s videos focus on Anatomy, Physiology, Pathophysiology, Pharmacology, Biochemistry, Biology, and Embryology.

If you are studying Anatomy and Physiology in college I highly recommend Dr. Mike and Dr. Matt’s YouTube channel.

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2. BioDynamics Vienna and Muscle and Motion

It’s hard to memorize what each muscle does and where it is located.

BioDynamics Vienna can help you tremendously in learning the Anatomy and Physiology of muscles.

This channel provides you with videos of each muscle along with their movements.

Muscle and Motion is a similar channel that can help you to visualize and remember each muscle movement of individual muscles.

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3. Amoeba Sisters

Are you confused on the molecular aspects of Anatomy like lipids, proteins, and carbohydrates?

If yes, the Amoeba Sisters is here to save you from pulling your hair out.

This channel will aid you at the beginning of your Anatomy course.

You can find videos on molecules, proteins, lipids, cell structure, carbohydrates and more.

Their illustrations are engaging and comical. The Amoeba Sisters explain the concepts in a manner that is easy to understand.

You will have a blast learning molecular Anatomy with the Amoeba Sisters.

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4. Bozeman Science

Mr. Andersen is the host of the YouTube channel, Bozeman Science.

He does videos about many science subjects like Anatomy, Chemistry, Physics, Biology and more.

He references cultural phenomenon like Dora the Explorer, Facebook, Jimi Hendricks, and Email in order to draw analogies between difficult concepts and make them easier to digest.

Mr. Andersen even does a review with you at the end of the video to summarize the concepts. This recall method helps you learn the material faster.

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