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Eggplant Omelette Filipino Tortang Talong



for frying: extra virgin olive oil or butter

1 chinese eggplant

1 egg

1/4 tsp salt

chopped parsley


  1. Grill eggplant on all sides until the inside is soft.
  2. Slice eggplant once vertically. Transfer to a large shallow dish. Open the eggplant and mash insides with a fork. See NOTE below
  3. Crack an egg on top of eggplant.
  4. Mix egg and eggplant insides.
  5. Slide the eggplant mixture into a preheated and oiled pan. Season with salt.
  6. Cover pan but not completely. Cook until egg is cooked (~3 mins).
  7. Flip eggplant omelette and garnish with parsley.

NOTE: You can keep the skin on or remove it.

Add more oil when the eggplant omelette sticks to the pan (if not using a non-stick pan).

Eggplant omelette is perfect with chopped tomatoes and brown rice on the side.

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