Spine and Back Health and Nutrition

Have you ever wondered what types of foods and habits can protect your back from injury and disease?

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If you have back pain, eating these foods will not only maintain spine health but, lessen inflammation and pain.

Disclaimer: Please consult your doctor if back pain persists or if you have chronic back pain.

Back and Spine Nutrition

Dr. Barry Goldstein, A New York chiropractor and nutritionist, created the ultimate “Spinal Health Grocery List – The Best Food For Back Pain“:

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Additionally, some foods are anti-inflammatory including tomatoes, olive oil, leafy greens, nuts, salmon, and cherries. Source: National Spine Health Foundation

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Dr. Goldstein claims these 4 foods will hurt your spine health:

The No-Go List – Worst Food For Back Pain

  • Red meats
  • Potatoes
  • Processed, fast foods
  • Foods high in preservatives (crackers, chips)

7 Healthy Habits to Protect your Spine

source: Spinehealth.org

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  1. Exercise
  2. Strengthen your core
  3. Maintain a healthy weight
  4. Have good posture
  5. Use proper form when lifting
  6. Sleep properly
  7. Quit smoking

You can do core strengthening exercises as part of your workout routine to maintain your spine health.

You can do core workouts in your car or in the office. Squeeze your core successively 100 times per rep. Do 1- 5 reps daily.

Maintain a healthy weight especially in the abdomen. Reduce weight so the spine does not have to support extra pressure which may negatively affect your posture.

Practice correct posture especially when sitting and lifting heavy weights.

Remember to place your pillow in a way that supports your shoulders.

Keep your body healthy by protecting your back and spine!

Photo by Lena Shekhovtsova on Pexels.com

What can you do to maintain your spine health?